Tipik video on live-in robot makes media splash

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Tipik’s audiovisual team captures the fascinating story of Nonna Lea, a spirited 94-year old who enjoys 24-hour health care thanks to a live-in robot. Our moving and inspirational depiction goes viral. Top media like CNN and La Stampa, and high-profile tweeters like Commissioner Neelie Kroes eagerly share this story of Nonna Lea with the world.

Blogger and author Nonna Lea lives a safe and independent life in her Rome apartment. Her heart rate, blood sugar levels and pulse are monitored remotely. Her safety is guaranteed by sensors that feel and transfer information on her movement. Her autonomy is maintained and vital healthcare resources are freed up. All thanks to her robot ‘flatmate’, Mr. Robin, and his creators, the EU-funded GiraffPlus project.

It takes Tipik’s professionalism, sensitivity and creative flair to bring this story to life in a respectful and engaging way that captures the public imagination.

Long before filming begins, our journalist takes the time to enter the world of our inspirational protagonist, Nonna Lea. We build a trust and rapport that allows Lea to express herself with the confidence and spirit that we see on screen.

Tipik audiovisual experts capture a 360 degree view of Lea’s reality: her colourful apartment and the majestic Rome backdrop, her active writing life, ‘Mr Robin’s’ tasks and the experts behind the scenes who make it all possible.

Thanks to Tipik’s video - one in a series showcasing the human face of ICT research - Nonna Lea’s story attracts international media attention. It features on CNN as well as top Italian outlets such as RAI, La Stampa and Corriere della Sera . Lea even becomes the topic of a high profile tweet exchange between European Commissioner Neelie Kroes and the UN Development Program’s Helen Clark!


Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission

DG CONNECT - Nonna Lea and a robot called Mr. Robin from Tipik on Vimeo.