Online immersion: auditing the Assemblée Nationale

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Homepage of the site of the Assemblée National Française
The website of the French Parliament (Assemblée Nationale Française) is one of the most high profile political sites in France. Providing information on the assembly's 577 deputies and access to a bank of parliamentary documents, it is regularly consulted by France's top tier of decision makers, journalists and interested citizens. Seeking to revamp its web presence, the Assembly calls on Tipik to lay the groundwork with a comprehensive web audit. The Assembly selects us above numerous local agencies keen to work with this high-profile client.

Our team of ergonomic and usability experts immerse themselves in the world of this historic institution, the heart of French democracy. To audit a key communication tool we like to get to know those doing the talking. Our experts then explore the institution's maze of 11 sub-sites, and embark on a multi-faceted audit. This means combing statistics, comparing the site against internationally recognised web norms and seeing how it measures up to those of other national governments.

But we need to go beyond the mechanics. Ordinary citizens add their voices to the mix via user tests. Focus groups with France's top lawyers, judges, policymakers and journalists help our auditors dig deeper into what more the site needs to offer. Our experts also interview the deputies themselves, the life blood of the assembly. This depth of analysis and understanding means we deliver a complete audit, in every sense. And our recommendations form the basis of the new website architecture.


Assemblée Nationale Française