Crafting the engine behind 'Be Brussels'

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What does it mean to 'be Brussels'? The city calls on its inhabitants to answer this question through a bright and bold campaign of engagement. Colourful. Stark. Highly visible. Online and on the streets. Only a powerful and well-crafted engine can drive it forward. The Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC) turns to Tipik.

We support BRIC in the creation of a new website for Within three weeks, we build a platform through Drupal that will allow Brussels' diverse population to speak to the city - online and via huge projection screens. Our automatic engine generates high definition images of “quotes” and photos inputted by inhabitants for projection on these giant screens. Other selected quotes are published as images online and can be previewed before sharing on social media tools.

Our skilled IT engineers develop this solution in responsive design. The engine is so finely tuned that the loading of any number of images is seamless and instant, even via mobile. Now it's easy it is to see your quote in lights and online through Our complex and robust engine is quietly powering it all the way there. 


Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC)

Le Centre d’Informatique pour la Région Bruxelloise (CIRB)

Het Centrum voor Informatica voor het Brusselse Gewest (CIBG)