Demystifying EU law

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The EU passes hundreds of laws each year and each one affects its citizens. But how? Tipik summarises each piece of legislation in web-friendly, jargon-free language so that Europeans can see what it really means for them.

Our writers cover 32 policy areas and tackle subjects as varied as data protection, competition and protection against harmful chemicals. The challenge: produce reader-friendly, web-friendly texts without compromising their legal accuracy. Over 1 800 texts are translated into 23 languages over the project's four-year lifetime. Our team works in 'custom-made-in-Tipik' tools to manage the workflow effectively and also generate the final files in the FORMEX format. The result offers a snapshot of each element of the EU's huge body of legislation. Whether you are a student, small business or simply an interested citizen you can get a clearer view of what the law means for you.

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