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Open Days event
The European Parliament: the seat of European democracy. Mamy Rock: a 69 year-old club DJ sensation. The connection between them is not immediately obvious, is it? And yet, thanks to our daring events team, they blend perfectly together at the Parliament's 2012 Open Days.

For arranging high-level conferences and serious roundtables, discretion makes sense. But for organising the Open Days of the European Parliament, boundless creativity and a bold sense of fun are far more appropriate. Our events team is not afraid to stretch the Parliament and public imagination by connecting the seemingly unconnected, and making it work. In 2010, we assault the delighted visiting public with an electric and colourful flash mob. We follow this up in 2011 with a giant and joyous public karaoke session. And in 2012, we introduce the unmistakable Mamy Rock to Brussels.

But just because our ideas are audacious, don't believe for a second that they're random. After all, what better way to celebrate 2012 as the Year for Active Ageing than inviting a celebrated 69 year-old DJ to spin the Parliament decks?


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