Huawei comes calling for the 360° package

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Huawei, the Chinese telecoms giant, is eager to expand in Europe. New to the EU landscape, it faces stiff competition from well-established competitors. It needs a 360° agency that knows the lay of the land, an agency that delivers the full range of communication tools on demand. Huawei turns to Tipik.

The world of ICT moves fast, reputations are powerful and stakes are high, particularly in a new market. A strategically-timed event, a last-minute press release, a carefully-worded speech: every move is crucial to Huawei's reputation-building.

After seeing the full scope of our services, it doesn't take long for Huawei's initial request for a new website to grow into a 360° communication partnership. Our in-house team is on call for Huawei, delivering high quality material in response to the ever-changing ICT context. From advertorials and press releases to slogans and speeches, no request is too big or too small for our editors. Our events and audiovisual teams, graphic artists and IT wizards are also on hand to support Huawei. The flexibility and quick reaction times of our whole team truly shine during the organisation of Huawei's highly successful innovation exhibition at Place du Luxembourg, flawlessly arranged within a very tight deadline.


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