The EU: captured in a clip

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What would our lives be like without the European Union? A complex question best tackled in a thesis, right? Wrong. Our talented creative team did it in a two-minute 3D animation in 23 languages and opened up the debate on the future of the EU.

Our concept: represent the European project through its most compelling achievements. Do it as a 3D animation to get the best out of the story and zoom in on the detail.

The team pools their technical and creative ideas. A vision is born: an animated pop-up book putting the ordinary person at the heart of the European story. Your life explored through subjects as diverse as agriculture, energy, transport and war and peace. With one eye on the pan-European audience and cultural sensitivities our skilled animators and script writers bring the best ideas together into a coherent plot. This powerful combination of technical know-how and creative flair brings the story and the debate to life. Check out the video, join the debate.


Commissioner Reding, Directorate-General for Communication, European Commission.