Making science wonder-ful!

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Children watching molecular ice-cream experiment © European Commission, Science is wonder-ful!
Steak, whips, liquid azote and 80 litres of juice - not your average shopping list for an EU event. But then 'Science is wonderful!' is not your average event. Tipik helps young scientists inspire the next generation of Einsteins with live experiments and a science slam to kick off European Research Night 2016.

Bringing science to life means turning the Parlamentarium into a science lab just for a day. Our team tackles the security and logistical challenges to bring 30 young researchers and their kit from across Europe to Brussels. They bus 1 200 schoolchildren in to meet the researchers, see what they have discovered and have a go at the experiments. The team also manages press relations, photo and video coverage as well as promotion via local press and social media.

3 100 people attend the event. They get to check out a robot, explore the link between food and Alzheimer's, see how to become a human milk scientist, eat molecular ice-cream, build a satellite and much more. The 30 young researchers are all funded by the EU's Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions which, by financing young scientists, help ensure the future of EU research.


Directorate-General for Education and Culture