Managing mass online migration

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Delegation of the European Union to Afghanistan
New technologies bring new opportunities, but they also bring their fair share of difficulties. The European Commission's decision to change content management systems means its External Action Service is faced with a quite extraordinary challenge: move the websites of 130 EU delegations in over 30 languages to the new system in just 12 months. EEAS turns to Tipik to not only move the content, but to improve it.

A team of over 30 people deals with an average of 10 sites per month. Good organisation is paramount: the deadline is non-negotiable, the volumes are high and the project is complex. This is not simply an IT project. The client wants to rationalise the sites to fit one common site structure. That means changing content.

Content is analysed, improved and translated into over 30 languages. Our writers work in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French while our linguists translate into languages as varied as Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, and Russian. An eight-strong IT team is at the heart of the project. They make sure the mix of existing and new content makes it into Drupal from Documentum. The team also manages input from delegations working across the world, on different time zones, with different expectations.

Two weeks before the deadline, the move is complete. The client can pull the plug on the old CMS having improved their online presence around the world.


European External Action Service (EEAS)