Making the rules for mobile

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Website of the European Commission's Justice department.
Life online never stands still. That's great news for us, but it can be difficult for our clients. No sooner is a site online, up to date, fully accessible and optimised than a new challenge comes along. In this case it was mobile. Our team took the European Commission's Justice site from desktop to mobile in one seamless leap and made up a new rulebook as they went along.

The European Commission's Justice site is one of its biggest and one of the department's main communication tools. Moving thousands of multilingual pages and documents to a new technical environment in responsive design is a risky business. The existing site cannot be compromised. The mobile version meanwhile has to deliver the same content in a way that meets the expectations of today's demanding users. Cutting-edge technical know-how and precious knowledge of the client's existing technical environment were all vital ingredients in this project's success.

Technical know-how alone was not enough. Innovation and vision were also required as the team took on this, the client's first site in responsive design. Adapting the site to mobile also meant determining the technical and design rules that would be used by the European Commission from then on for mobile sites. In short, updating its own rulebook, the Information Providers' Guide. Check out the site and see that we truly do live by our own rules.


Directorate-General for Justice, European Commission.