Thorough online benchmarking for new client, the European Council

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As the European Council prepares to embark on a fresh communication strategy, it turns to Tipik’s team of web experts to produce a thorough online benchmarking report.

Today, your online presence is your calling card. Sharp, accessible and up-to-the-minute content will be rewarded with dedicated followers. Stale, standard and unfocused material will see users quickly look elsewhere. Before building your communication plan, it’s vital to assess what works and what doesn’t in your particular landscape. Mindful of this, as the European Council prepared to welcome a new President, it called on Tipik’s web team to conduct an important online communication benchmarking exercise.  

With the entire sweep of web experts – from IT and usability specialists to content and language professionals – under one roof here at Tipik, it’s no surprise that the Council favoured us for this task.  Led by our User Experience Specialist, Web Project Manager and Marketing Manager, the team carried out detailed research on the communication tools of 10 leading web strategies. Exploring and assessing the campaigns from every angle, we rated them under a range of carefully-chosen values: from first impressions, reach and navigation to use of social and multimedia tools. 

Compiled in a thorough 206-page report, we provided the Council with a comprehensive assessment of the strategies in general as well as how they performed at a high profile event. We pulled out best practises for commendation and identified worst practises to be avoided. This, our first project with the European Council, is now feeding into the new communication strategy as it embarks on a new Presidential term.


General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union