Tipik delivers dramatic revamps of EPCA site

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The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) comprises the major international players of the petrochemical sector. It requires a professional website to clearly and smartly communicate to both members and the public. By 2013, a revamp is in order. Tipik’s expert web, design and editorial teams step in to transform epca.eu into a succinct, accessible and technically superb site.

The members of EPCA carry powerful, carefully honed brands. Their reputation and image among the public and industry are key. The EPCA website is a place to where the organisation promotes activities, engages the public in campaigns and communicates internally.

This all gets lost if the information is overly dense and the structure is scattered.

Our team of web ergonomics wizards carry out an intensive content analysis. They sift through the vast EPCA site drawing all meaningful information together in a dramatically restructured wireframe. They reduce the number of pages from an overwhelming 103 to an accessible 18.

Our IT experts and designers deliver a bright and professional look and feel to mirror EPCA’s colourful and people-focused visual identity. The new navigation is clear and intuitive. The site may be reduced but nothing is lost: our editors succinctly communicate all key EPCA messages and information.

All pages are provided in Responsive Design – meaning that the site can be displayed on the smallest or largest of devices in high resolution. We provide a new user-friendly CMS. The EPCA team now has the freedom to manage the content long after we have delivered this dramatic website revamp.


European Petrochemical Association (EPCA)