Science: it’s a girl thing!

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Science: it's a girl thing! Facebook page
A bad buzz upsets the launch of the Science: it's a girl thing! campaign. Crisis, what crisis? Our social media experts harness the energy and channel it into a hugely successful Facebook campaign bringing science into the bedrooms of teenage girls across Europe.

Day one of the campaign: a launch video produced by another agency inspires international media outrage. The clip goes viral. The European Commission's whole campaign risks being overshadowed by controversy. Our team of social media, content and advertising experts stay cool and strategise. We ride the wave of the bad buzz concentrating on targeted advertising, savvy social media management and sharp content. Channelling the momentum of the online chatter, we draw teenage girls in to discover the content behind the controversy.

Were we successful in tackling the crisis? Over a year on, lots of people are talking about Science: it's a girl thing! but nobody is talking about the video. Don't believe us? Ask Facebook.


Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission.