Specialist insight helps targeted media analysis

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Media coverage helps to form public opinion across the EU. So how can that influence be harnessed by an organisation like the European Commission? Tipik helps DG Employment keep a finger on the pulse of its communications strategy, examining coverage to build on what is working, and change what isn’t.

Tipik’s media monitoring service for DG Employment goes well beyond identifying what is being published, where.
Regular meetings with the client’s press officers meant our team knew exactly what their objectives were and as stories appear around the clock and priorities can change, our team leader is available at anytime to work out a change of strategy.
Tipik knows DG Employment’s policy areas inside out and we bring this expertise to bear when analysing what the media are saying, assessing overlaps and mismatches in the coverage.
Our monitoring team consists of two analysts with years of working for the press as journalists under their belts, so we can combine our knowledge of our client’s goals with insight into what makes a journalist tick.
Specialists in media analytics complement the team, bringing statistical expertise to bear in the creation of at-a-glance graphs and charts.


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