Tipik delivers host of editorial products for EU scientific community

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Thousands of research institutes, universities and SMEs are supported by billions of euro from EU research and innovation programmes like Horizon 2020. With Tipik’s help, CORDIS, the EU’s information service on research and development projects, shares the activities and results of every single one of these projects with the scientific community.

Our team coordinates a range of editorial products and delivers succinct, accurate and engaging science writing for the full suite of CORDIS editorial services. From smart sensors and nanotech to aerospace technology and cutting edge medical studies, EU-funded researchers cover every corner of scientific research - and so do Tipik’s writers.

An in-house team of meticulous science writers, supported by an external network, provide the EU research community with daily news and event updates on project activities from across Europe and beyond. Our topic-focused magazines - research*eu results and research*eu focus– turn the spotlight on special themes – from ageing space junk – and provide an overview of related scientific projects.

Tipik supports CORDIS in ensuring that scientists have factual, up-to-date information on exactly what it is going on within their community on a daily basis. And if they miss the update on our website, the information will no doubt reach them through our outreach activities – our team uses regular news alerts to promote top projects to selected science and ICT journalists covering six languages in 28 Member States.

With EU science is moving forward at speed, our range of editorial and dissemination services guarantee that researchers and other interested audiences can keep up through easy access to an ever-growing repository of news and updates on EU-funded projects.


Publications Office, European Commission