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Tipik creation and design team examines and discusses images.

Your brand image helps bridge the divide between and you and your public. This unique communication tool can appeal to their emotions; however, playing on people’s emotions though can be tricky. If an image generates too strong an emotional response it may be rejected by some. A tamer approach could go unnoticed. At Tipik, we find the delicate balance between innovation and familiarity, change and continuity, the contemporary and the traditional.

Our creative concepts are always guided by what we learn about you. The subtle blend of your expectations and those of your audience are the raw material for all our creative output. The design team works with you to pinpoint key themes, opting for simplicity over complexity and longevity over transient design trends.

The result: a wide palette of creative options tailor-made for you by our network of designers. Each option is built around a clear design recommendation that takes into account your ultimate communication objectives.

But it doesn’t stop there, our team then helps you make the right creative choices to make sure you develop a strong image built to last that reflects your key values.