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Our colleague Paul interviewing an expert on camera.

Social media has fundamentally changed the role of the press and the way we all communicate. A prime minister can now take to Twitter to launch a debate. Reputations are won and lost far faster on Facebook than on the inside pages of a magazine. The majority of young people tune into YouTube more often that the television.

Our clients know all of this, but this new landscape can be confusing and disconcerting. How can we use social media to our advantage yet keep a degree of control? How can we minimize the damage created by negative buzz? What role can traditional media now play? What do public relations look like in today’s world?

Tipik’s Media and PR team can provide the answers to all this and more. Experienced journalists know how to speak to fellow journalists. The “digital natives” – young people born with a smartphone in their hand – add their experience and analyses to the mix. Working together these experts help our clients draw up multi-channel strategies, manage online communities and handle their social media presence.

And there are quantifiable results to back-up our claims. We have generated a real pan-European buzz around some of our projects and put out online fires started by others elsewhere. Managing a communications crisis is as much a part of our job as creating a buzz.