Technical development

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Tipik technical team members working at their computers.

One of Tipik’s great strengths is that we, and therefore you, can count on the expertise of in-house IT experts. Our geeks and nerds love developing sites, databases and content management systems. Their latest obsessions: mobile, social media and the semantic web. Communicating effectively means getting to grips with these three main digital challenges.

Tipik was amongst the first to develop sites and mobile applications for all systems. We are also market leaders when it comes to managing cross-channel publishing. The innovative social media applications we produce help our clients manage their social media presence. Our experts also have one eye on the future, mindful of the way the sematic web is set to revolutionise the way we communicate.

All our clients can benefit from this cutting-edge expertise, whatever their project or goals. We focus on developing effective solutions, tailored to the size of the communication challenge. Our products work perfectly now and can also be adapted to the future in this fast-moving field.