Key values

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Respect and innovation – our two key values. Respect for those we work for, for those we work with and for the world in which we live. Innovation in everything we do.

Respect for our clients means delivering quality services. A results-oriented company, we do this by putting projects at the heart of our organisation and recruiting and keeping the best talent.

Respecting our staff means we can deliver the quality our clients expect. To get the best out of our team we give them the autonomy they need and they take responsibility for their work. It’s a team effort.

Discrimination has no place at Tipik. Recruitment and promotion are not based on gender, religion, nationality or race. Our staff of over 26 nationalities, 24 languages and an equal number of men and women is living proof of the way we do business.

Respect for the environment is a long-term commitment, whatever the economic weather. Tipik’s bikes and electric car are part of our drive for a greener business.

Innovation is a prerequisite for quality in our line of work, both in production and management. Our experts improve our services by tuning in to new technologies and communication trends. Meanwhile, proactive and innovative management means the agency evolves with the changing communication landscape and can deliver what our clients need.