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Helping people understand inheritance

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European Commission, Directorate-General Justice and Consumers


How do you help people get the most out of new EU rules on cross-border succession?


Run a €250,000+ campaign online and in print targeting expats.

A life lived across several EU countries can be wonderful. Dealing with inheritance issues when the person dies though can be difficult. EU rules make it easier to plan cross-border succession and manage inheritance, but few citizens are aware of the rules and so don’t benefit.

Tipik ran a multi-lingual campaign on social media and in print for expats over 45 and notaries across the EU to raise awareness and, ultimately, make their lives easier. The campaign’s success depended on our team’s clear definition of the target audience, strong visuals, clear, concise copy and well-targeted promotion in magazines, on Facebook and using Google AdWords to make the best use of the €250,000 promotional budget. We increased traffic to the relevant website four-fold over the period of the campaign. A leaflet, print ads and social media visuals were just some of the communication tools to meet our objectives and the leaflet won a European Commission prize for clear writing.