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Science Europe

August 2019


How do you create a customisable, contemporary website that can be managed independently by a client’s small comms team?


By streamlining content, changing the design and bringing in a new Web Content Management System

Science Europe is a key player in the research community. It represents major public organisations from across Europe that fund or carry out ground-breaking research. The comms team called in Tipik to create a new website that increased the organisation’s visibility, met its members’ needs, and, crucially, embraced modern digital standards.

The site needed to be flexible, customisable and easy to manage after delivery. A place to host confidential information for members, press releases for journalists and to showcase research to policymakers and the public. Umbraco 8 was the solution. We chose this content management system as the basis for the new site. It offered the flexibility and tailored tools we needed and the ease of use our client was looking for. We overhauled the site’s content, making it clearer and more concise and introduced rigorous content tagging throughout to improve the user experience. We swapped the old design for a more contemporary, responsive look based on the new visual identity. We also added new features such as a pulse in the ‘What’s going on’ section that aggregates all content, regardless of source, and can be filtered by theme. Confidential and non-confidential document sit in the same space, access controlled by the use of passwords, sparing us the additional work of creating a separate space for members and providing a seamless online journey for those who are part of the organisation.

The new site delivers on all fronts and for all audiences.

Tipik has also developed a fully custom contact manager to manage easily the members but also the other external contacts classified per type. From this tool, Science Europe can manage their contact sheets but also set their permissions on the site and communicate with them via an interconnected Mailchimp account.

Tipik is also in charge of the hosting for the Acceptance and the Live on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Technical aspects: Umbraco 8, HTML5, CSS3, Razor, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, Social Media aggregator, Custom CRM, Azure Cloud, SQL Azure, Mailchimp.