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Brussels Regional Informatics Centre (BRIC)

November 2013


What type of platform can power a city-wide campaign of mass engagement?


A Drupal-based tool built by our experts in three weeks.

The city of Brussels wanted engage its residents so it reached out to them with the question:  ‘What does it mean to’ A simple question that everyone had an answer to. But how do you handle all the responses?

Only a powerful and well-crafted engine can drive a campaign like this forward so the Brussels Regional Informatics Centre turned to Tipik’s skilled IT engineers for help.

Within three weeks we built a platform, using Drupal, which let Brussels' diverse population to speak to the city. It allowed any number of images to be loaded seamlessly and instantly, even via mobile.

Answers were projected onto huge screens around the city via the new website we helped construct. Online or out and about, the question challenged, the answers inspired.

Tipik’s complex and robust engine quietly powered the campaign all the way.