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Spreading the word about EU research

Two people blindfolded sitting in front of a model of a city skyline
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European Commission, Publications Office (CORDIS)



How do you promote the results of EU investment in research?


Publish a monthly print and online magazine.

Black holes, blood cancer, technologies for the visually impaired: these are just some of the topics featured in the magazine our editorial and design team produces to showcase the results of EU investment in R&D. Ten issues a year focus on concrete results of the billions of euros invested annually by the EU. The special feature section zooms in on a small area of research through articles and interviews whilst the rest of the magazine highlights achievements in fields as varied as space, environment, security, health and fundamental research. No subject is too complex for our team of writers who, in setting the editorial agenda, have tackled everything from extreme space weather, to trend-setting apps in advertising and innovations for wine growers along the way.