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Bringing EU’s Contest for Young Scientists to life

Old man holding a stick, part of large scientific experiment

European Commission, Directorate-General Research and Innovation

September 2017


How do you make sure winners of the EU’s contest for young scientists get the best chance to showcase their work?


Give them their own stands at a science fair then stand back and film what happens next.

The EU’s Contest for Young Scientists was hosted in Estonia. Tipik was on hand to make sure the winners got the chance to show off their projects to the full.

From finding out if birds have a favourite colour to the role proteins play in cancer development, the researchers were passionate, curious and all aged between 14 and 21.

Tipik wanted to create promotional material that really captured the positive energy of the young scientists. To do that, we involved some students in communications to work alongside our audiovisual team, JumpCut

The result were videos that let the ambition and optimism of the participants shine out.

We handled press relations, dealt with the social media coverage and created communication tools to promote scientific careers among young Europeans. Six months later and our material has generated: 200 press clippings, over 6 000 likes today on the Facebook page, and more than 3 761 views on YouTube. Our hope is that it has also generated even more passionate young scientists!