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European Commission, Publications Office (CORDIS)

December 2017


How do you make sure EU research results reach those that can really use them?


Create a product with a narrow focus for niche audiences

The EU spends about €11 billion per year on research. Scientists use this money to make strides in fields such as space, health and ICT research. The challenge: get the results out to those who can use them. This means making sure results are shared not only with other scientists but also with industry and business who can potentially take them to market so that they benefit everyone.

Tipik’s solution: develop a series of Results Packs focusing on research results from narrow fields of research targeting those working in niche fields. Each Results Pack contains a collection of about 10 articles selected and written by our team showcasing the results of EU-funded research projects that have now ended. The topics are deliberately tightly focused: biotech in agriculture; microbiome research and precision farming, for example, and the packs are updated as new results come in. Available online and in print this product helps EU-funded research get to the audience who can make the best use of it.